What is a life coach? That’s an excellent question and the answer depends on which type of life coach you ask.

My brand of coaching does for your mind and spirit what a personal trainer at the gym does for your body.

As a life coach I...

  • support your mental and emotional fitness.
  • help you develop mental and emotional strength, agility and stamina.
  • aid in prevention of, and recovery from, illness.
  • complement medical treatment from health care professionals.

Just as a personal trainer would not treat physical illness, I do not treat mental or emotional illness. I focus on how thoughts and emotions are contributing to dissatisfaction and poor health and work with you to enhance your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

I specialize in stress…how to reduce it, how to manage it, how to stay healthy

in a world that’s full of it.

I also specialize in un-motivating.

  • ‘Un-motivating’ is not ‘de-motivating’.
  • Un-motivating is about stepping back, dialing down, resetting so you are living productively from a place of peace, clarity and freedom.
  • De-motivating is about taking away your incentive for life. You may feel demotivated because of all the pressures you’re facing. 

I will help you be, do and have more of what you want by showing you how to un-motivate!

Coaching with me is like taking your mind and your spirit to a spa.

If you’re already feeling pressured and stressed, the last thing you need is coaching that notches that up with homework, goals and a to-do list to get it all done. Make no mistake. Resetting your life is hard work and it takes perseverance and persistence but you’ll do it in a supported, pressure-free zone that’s all about you.

I teach you how to take the pressure off so you get more of the life you really want

and stay healthy in the process.