I am passionate about helping chronically or situationally stressed people calm and harmonize their MindBodySpirit so they can live from their natural peace, clarity and freedom.

Stress is not harmless.

It impairs your ability to function.

Chronic stress puts your health at risk.

​Chronically Or Situationally Stressed People

You may be...

  • going through a challenging time at work, home or in a relationship.
  • dealing with a serious or chronic health issue or supporting a loved one who is ill.
  • overwhelmed by life's pressures and feeling depleted. 
  • a high achiever/prefectionist/goodist who is constantly putting pressure on yourself to be, do and have more but never seem to get there.
  • under the assumption you need stress to be motivated.
  • so used to living with stress you don't even realize you are stressed.

Whatever your reason, you’re tired, overwhelmed, fed up, ill, dissatisfied with your life or yourself. You know you need to make some changes and you’re ready to make them happen.

Calming and Harmonizing MindBodySpirit

You are an intricate being. Your thoughts, your emotions and how your body functions are all interconnected. Each depends on the other. Like three sides of a pyramid, they are one. They are in constant communication. The quality and content of this communication system impacts your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

When you experience stress from external or internal sources, your brain senses a threat and puts you into protection mode. You fight back against the threat, run from it or freeze. The part of your brain that receives and categorizes incoming messages makes the decision on how you react without your conscious input. Overriding this instinctual reaction it is not within your immediate control. Hormones are released, messages are sent and changes occur in how your body functions in order to keep you safe. It’s a good system when it’s balanced with periods of rest, digest, tend and befriend.

Fight/flight/freeze response keeps you safe.

Rest/digest/tend/befriend response keeps you healthy.

Here’s the problem. When you are constantly bombarded by stress, there’s no time for your body to recharge and heal with periods of rest and digest or tend and befriend. Stress hormones and changes in body function start to cause damage to your organs and body systems.

Your body is designed to heal itself. Calming and harmonizing your MindBodySpirit allows your natural healing system to do what it is designed to do.

Living From Natural Peace, Clarity and Freedom

Your peace, clarity and freedom are being held hostage by self-pressure and expectations.

There is no need to search for peace, clarity or freedom – they are already part of you. Just as the sun and bright blue sky are always present above the clouds, peace, clarity and freedom are waiting behind the murky curtain of pressure and turmoil that comes with stress.

There’s an easy formula to get to your core of peace, clarity and freedom:

Circumstances trigger thoughts.

Thoughts trigger emotions.

Emotions trigger results.

Results trigger emotions.

Emotions trigger thoughts.

Thoughts trigger circumstances.

We start working with your circumstances. That leads us to your thoughts and those lead us to your emotions. When we hit the reset button in each of these areas, your results begin to change. The clouds shift. The sun and blue sky appear. Peace, clarity and freedom become your foundation. Life is easier and more joyful. Doesn’t that sound good?

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